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Frequently Asked Questions  

Up to this point you have learned how your colon gets sick, why its important to take care of, and what can happen if you don’t. You have also read about the great benefits of colon cleansing, particularly using the colonic irrigation method. But how can you best achieve these results?

1. Is Colonic Irrigation safe? 
Yes. For normal adults, a colonic is safe enough to do every day, and will noticeably improve your general health. Children, elderly, or adults with heart conditions, tuberculosis, diabetes, kidney conditions, cancer or any other severely degenerative disease, should first consult their physician. Be sure to find a physician who is familiar with and understands colonics.

2. Do I have to use a full 5 gallons of water each time? 
No. However, 5 gallons is a convenient amount to do in one sitting, and will do a good job of loosening up the encrustation on your bowel walls. You may safely use 5 to 40 gallons, or less, at one sitting. Less water will give you lesser results, but it is much better to do a colonic with some water than not to do one at all.

3. How often should I use my Sitolonic? 
You can clean your insides as often as you clean your outside; or, in other words, you can use the Sitolonic as often as you take a shower.

4. Will holding all that water in me stretch out my colon? 
No. While using the Sitolonic, the user can and should eliminate whenever they get the urge rather than forcefully holding water and feces in. By responding to your body’s instincts, you prevent distention (stretched out walls) and you are allowing the bowel muscles to retrain themselves. The Sitolonic will strengthen and tighten the muscle walls by encouraging them to conduct a squeezing exercise repeatedly.

5. Does the Sitolonic develop habits or dependencies? 
No. The Sitolonic exercises the muscles of the colon in a natural defecation position. This increases muscle tone, improves independent bowel function, and peristalsis. It is a natural way to get your colon to function well on its own again. Laxatives, on the other hand, are very habit forming and even addictive. Their use results in a further damaged colon. The Sitolonic will not create any kind of dependencies — it will do just the opposite.

6. Do colonics upset normal bacterial balance? 
No. The process actually provides a cleaner environment for beneficial bacteria to grow in, stimulating them to multiply quickly and rapidly restore the natural balance in your intestines. A healthy colon will have 85% beneficial and 15% harmful bacteria. A distressed colon will have the opposite — only 15% beneficial and 85% harmful bacteria. Certain substances, such as meat, coffee, chocolate, and overcooked foods, harm beneficial bacteria much more than plain water ever could.

7. Do I need to take a bacteria pill? 
No. Just as you do not need to apply bacteria lotion after a shower, you do not need to artificially re-plant new bacteria in your colon. The amount of water you use in a colonic cannot possibly wash out all of the bacteria that line the intricate folds of the colon. The only bacteria you will be hurting are the unhealthy ones that thrive in the rotting environment of a sick colon.

8. Do colonics deplete the electrolytes in the intestine? 
No. Studies show there is no significant depletion of electrolytes following a water colonic. The only minerals which decrease are regular table salt, which we eat and replenish daily. (If you use medicines or other chemicals in the colonic water, it may cause electrolyte imbalance and should be used only after consulting a physician.)

9. Is it dangerous to insert the rectal tip? 
No. The Sitolonic has a built-in safety feature that allows the rectal tip to be inserted only 3 inches into the rectum. Other devices lack this feature, making it possible to damage or puncture the sigmoid colon by inserting the tip too far. (About 4 inches into the rectum, the bowel starts to bend, making it susceptible to damage if something is inserted too far.)

Never exert force against the bowel wall with the tip and always lubricate both the tip and anus before inserting. When used according to the directions, the Sitolonic is extremely safe.

10. Do you need to/should you cleanse the colon when fasting? 
Yes. Even if you don’t eat anything, residual food will be processed for at least the first 3-4 days. In long-term fasting, even when the food is gone, your colon secretes mucous, which eventually putrefies in the last 1-foot of the colon. Some of your body’s metabolic wastes are also eliminated through the colon walls. All these should be washed out.

Also, it is especially effective to have a colonic while fasting because it gives the water a chance to soak mucous build-up on the colon walls directly, without food in the way. Cleansing will alleviate some of the discomforts of fasting, such as low energy, headaches, weakness, and drowsiness.

11. Can colonics heal all my diseases? 
No. Regular colonics are great for the colon and the rest of your body. They also detoxify and contribute to your body’s healing efforts when confronting other diseases. But they do not cure everything. Once your colon is clean, you need to keep it clean. Regular use of the Sitolonic, healthy eating habits and stress relief will help.