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Tips on Successful Colon Cleansing  

  1. Once the rectal tip is inserted and you are sitting comfortably on the toilet seat, relax and release the clamp. When the water flows into your colon, hold the water as long and as much as you can before expelling, allowing normal bowel action. The slower you fill, the longer and the more you will be able to hold, so control the water flow by adjusting the clamp one or two clicks. This will help tone the bowel muscle so that it begins to work well on its own again.
  2. If you feel like having a bowel or bladder elimination, it is not necessary nor recommended to remove the rectal tip nor to stand up, since both eliminations can bypass the tip. Empty your bladder and/or bowel without getting up.
  3. Massage your abdomen counter-clockwise when the water fills your colon, and then clockwise when emptying. If you find a tender or lumpy spot, gently press and release, and repeat until it goes away. This is a way to physically help your bowel function.
  4. Do some relaxation breathing. Inhale very slowly through your nose and exhale very slowly through your mouth, as if you are leaking the air out. Totally relax your body as you exhale. Focusing your mind on relaxing will help prevent cramps and loosen up the colon muscles.
  5. If cramping occurs, close the clamp to shut off water inflow, and then relieve the bowels and do relaxation breathing. If cramping persists, use warmer water and rinse with cooler water at the end.
  6. Bend your upper body down, as if you are trying to read the paper on the floor, by tip-toeing to raise your ankles and opening your legs. In this posture you can do everything mentioned above. This is the natural defecation position of most mammals. The Sitolonic is the only colon cleansing device that allows this advantageous position.
  7. Do not be surprised by the strange things you might pass. Sometimes you may see a dark, long, rope-like, rubbery substance pass. This is the hard caked-on substance in your bowels. It indicates that the water is successfully dislodging toxins and cleaning out your colon.
  8. It will take 45-60 minutes to finish 5 gallons of water. If you like, you may lengthen the process by using more water, all the way up to 40 gallons per day.
  9. You can read, write, compute, call your friends, answer the phone, watch TV — anything you’re comfortable with! In other words, you don’t have to waste any time during the Sitolonic process. No other colonic cleansing device gives you this degree of freedom.